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Q & A with Award-Winning Lulu Jr. Author Avery B.

This summer, Rainbow Resource Center, which is based in Illinois, held a Super Summer Book Writing Contest for children ages 5-17. Using Lulu Junior My Awesome Book, children wrote and illustrated their stories and submitted them for the competition. Avery B. was the grand prize winner and she won $250. We sat down with Avery to learn what inspired her!

Read our Interview with Avery B.

Congratulations! How Does It Feel To Be A Published Author At 13?

Avery B. – Really great! I feel like I’ve grabbed the key that opens a door for future possibilities.

What Was The Best Part Of Writing Your Own Book?

Avery B. – I had a lot of fun thinking of the silly challenges that Ego and his friends would overcome.

How Did Your Friends In Beep Patrol Help Inspire You To Write The Story?

Avery B. – I always liked it when everyone on Beep Patrol, my FLL Robotics team, worked together to come up with great concepts. Core Values are some ideas that guide the teams to gracious gamesmanship. Since I was Core Values leader, I wanted to write a story about how Core Values changed someone’s life for the better.

What Was The Hardest Part Of Writing Ego?

Avery B. – The hardest thing for me to do was seeing something through. It was super hard for me to keep working at Ego. I was happy after my first draft – that is usually how I leave my work. However, I kept polishing Ego until it was ‘purrrrfect’. I’m really glad I spent a lot of effort in Ego!

What Have You Learned From This Experience?

Avery B. – I learned that if I follow my plans through, great things can happen.

Do You Have Any Plans To Continue Writing?

Avery B. – I will definitely keep writing. I am writing a novel about superhero kids called Scarlet Eyes and I think it is going to be a super neat story. I also thought of another story called More Than Gold. I’m going to keep working on that too.

Is There Anything Else That You’d Like To Share?

Avery B. – This is some advice for aspiring writers: NEVER GIVE UP! Plan a story from the beginning to the end, and then follow it through. That is what I found makes writing a good story possible. And for my fellow Whovians: Don’t blink!”

The team at Lulu Jr. would like to congratulate Avery on the wonderful book that she created and we look forward to seeing the next one! You can learn more about the Rainbow Resource Center here and about publishing with Lulu here.

If you want your child to be a successful author like Avery, then head over to Lulu Junior to find the perfect kit to turn your child into a published author too. Happy creating!

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