Rage Against the Minivan: India’s first “published” book

FRI, MAR 20, 2015 13:44 EST

My eight-year-old daughter is a voracious reader. I think she may prove to be an even bigger book nerd than I am, and I am a pretty big book nerd. Her bed is constantly covered in books that she is reading, and I frequently have to check on her to make sure she hasn’t snuck her reading light on at 10 PM when she should be sleeping.

She has also decided that she would like to be an author when she grows up. She knows that I write for a living, and really loves reading the stories from my blog. She even has her own blog. It is password-protected and she and I are the only people who can read it, but it’s a great hobby for her. She loves writing stories and I love watching her literary voice emerge. Even if it is a bit heavily influenced by Dork Diaries at this time. There is time for growth, right?

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