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Self-Publishing Momentum Continues!

The independent publishing industry has taken great strides since Lulu first made the option to self-publish books widely available in 2002. And the publishing momentum continues to grow! On October 9, Bowker released new data highlighting the strong adoption of self-publishing as the industry continues to build momentum.

Most notably, Bowker cites a 59% jump in self-published titles in 2012 from 2011. That’s huge! Similarly, ebooks continue to gain popularity among self-published authors with 40% of the ISBNs that were self-published in 2012 being ebooks compared to 11% the year prior.

Recently, there has been yet another groundswell of enthusiasm and participation in the movement. There are ever-increasing credibility and success among self-published authors, even those that have been traditionally published before. Writers everywhere continue to embrace the opportunities and control afforded by making their books directly and immediately available to readers everywhere.

Highlights from Bowker’s 2011 annual findings included the addition of over 148,000 new self-published titles, which translates to 43% of all print books released in the U.S. that year. Also, self-published books represented 12% of all ebook sales and as much as 20% of specific genres like romance and fantasy.

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8 thoughts on “Self-Publishing Momentum Continues!”

  1. I can echo the sentiments in this article. I have just started my own publishing company and I really enjoy help authors, who would probably have a difficult time getting published through traditional means, get published. I meet many people who are excited to get their book published and I like being able to help.

  2. I’ve made a total of $55.00 in eighteen years from my writing. Told my wife the other day, if I manage to live to be a thousand years old, I might just get rich one day. Ha-Ha!

  3. I have two collections of short humor stories I’ve written for a local newspaper under the byline “The Backwoods Philosopher” over the past 18 years. I am currently editing the best 64 of them (32 per volume) to be published in 5″x5″ X 8″x5″ softcover format. They were taken from the 151 columns I’ve written. Two have been published in the mag “Good Old Days” and several in the Beaumont Enterprise. I did have 14 newspapers that I mailed columns to, but I just don’t have the time anymore.

  4. Typos-Schympos. The problem is not typos but rather the little attention span most people have to read one’s novel. Too many novels are now being written and very few read. Only the big names promoted by the best marketers are making it through with the rest. I started self-publishing to avoid dealing with agents, but after six books on the Internet, and a $100 in sales after 3 years, I am like a dog running in circles chasing its tail. Good luck all of you. My solution? Keep writing even though no one is reading me.

  5. I wish that I could get into my storefront account but my password never works, no matter how many times it.!!!

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