Share Your Sound [Video]

Independent publishing is so easy to do, and the costs are so low, that a wide variety of artists and professionals can take advantage of Lulu’s free publishing tools online. All manner of individuals and groups you might not think of as “authors” have found uses for Lulu’s publishing tools.

For example, musicians. One does not commonly associate musicians with publishers. Self-publishing can help musicians monetize their work in alternative forms, to offer products for their fans, and to share their musical creations.

Create custom songbooks for your fans. Publish tabs, chords, sheet music, lyrics, and more. Expand your audience by reaching a new group of potential listeners, earn extra income at the best rate in the publishing industry, and offer your fans more of what they want.

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Paul H, Content Marketing Manager

Paul is the Content Marketing Manager at Lulu. When he's not entrenched in the publishing and print-on-demand world, he likes to hike the scenic North Carolina landscape, read, sample the fanciest micro-brewed beer, and collect fountain pens. Paul is a dog person but considers himself cat tolerant.

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This is a great idea! I’ve recorded several Acapella songs and some Instrumental (Jazz-favored)keyboard tunes to my YouTube Channel; and have listed the URLs on my website. Have been thinking of doing something along this line of publication for my songs. A Project that I am ready to get started. Thanks for the mention…motivation!

I’ve been thinking of doing this for a while. I published a couple of ebooks and am working on more. I’ve also posted some videos on my youtube channel of me singing and playing songs. It would be fun to publish a songbook. Thanks for the reminder and motivation.

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