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Something For The Kids (Featured Authors)

What could be more inspiring than to see a child reading a book during their summer vacation? We think it’s just the best. So for July’s Featured Authors, we have something for the kids!

Two authors who write children’s books that are sure to make you smile, think, and most of all, want to keep reading!

Jacqueline Sanders-Blackman

Jacqueline is one of those incredibly unique writers who capture engaging artwork, inspiring storytelling, and can still teach something with her books. Her series follows a family called The Makers. Today, we’re featuring her second book, but you can find the first one, Smart Sarah and the Magic of Science, on the Lulu Bookstore.

The books focus on PJ and Sarah, Jacqueline reaches into her own family history and education to create stories of kids learning the value of STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, and Math) based education. As a computer scientist and writer, Jacqueline knows how valuable project-based learning can be. 

Learn More about Jacqueline and The Maker Family from Lulu’s Facebook Live:

Perceptive PJ and the Making of a Mathlete

This is part two of a series of books about the Maker Family. The STE(A)M inspired theme for this book is Math. Perceptive PJ, an 8-year-old boy that is inspired by his family history of being world-class athletic competitors and winners.

Perceptive PJ and the Making of a Mathlete By Jacqueline Sanders-Blackman & Zeeshan Shahid

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Don Dixon

Our second children’s book author this month is Don Dixon. Don is an inspired artist and writer and Darwin the Dreamer highlights his talent. 

With a background in animation, Don credits his father by showing him a flipbook to explain animation and spark his creativity. Years later while contending with grief, Don turned to writing and drawing as a new creative outlet.

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Darwin the Dreamer

A story about hope, joy, and the power of imagination. This is a story about a blind boy who overcomes the threat of bullying. He teaches the idea that just because we can not see something does not mean we can’t make it a reality.

Darwin the Dreamer

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