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Stories that Make Music (Featured Authors)

April’s Featured Authors bring a little music to our blog! This month we are highlighting stories of musicians and artists. From a Californian street musician to a prodigious drummer’s biography, Lulu’s April Featured Authors are sure to have you tapping your toe along to the beat.

Katie Ferrara

First up is Katie Ferrara. Katie is a singer/songwriter and street performer who has been working in LA for over 10 years. Her book, Stories from the Street, started as an additional gift for her Kickstarter backers, but as she worked on the book, it became its own unique look at her art and experiences.

The book uses Katie’s experiences and personal stories to build a deeper connection with her fans, while also offering inspiration for entrepreneurs. Through her stories, Katie offers insight into the traits a performer needs. And the common advice all aspiring musicians, artists, and creators need to hear as they grow their craft.

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Stories from the Street (Full Color Version)

Stories from the street is a collection of 14 stories developed from the personal diary of singer-songwriter Katie Ferrara about her experience “busking” (or street performing) to pursue her dreams of traveling the world as a working musician. The book features some of the obstacles Katie faced as a busker and how she overcame them.

Stories from the Street (Full Color Version)

Matthew Ratzlaff

Next, we have Matthew Ratzlaff. A Canadian author, Matthew loves to hear people’s life stories. In his book, Whale: The Oral History Of Canadian Drumming Prodigy Ryan Loerke, Matthew records his interviews with drummer Ryan Loerke. A prodigious musician and artist, Loerke’s story are one of triumph and tragedy.

Whale encourages anyone and everyone to find and follow their passions, to have a vision of what that passion looks like, and to be persistent and patient in pursuit of your dreams. Telling the story through interviews brings us closer to Loerke and shines a brilliant light on this spirited musician.

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Whale: The Oral History of Canadian Drumming Prodigy Ryan Loerke

In 2003, in the quiet vacation city of Kelowna, British Columbia, eighteen-year-old Ryan Loerke jumped at a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity—to drum professionally for major label-signed rock band Stutterfly. Over the next decade, Ryan would embark on a spirited journey with Stutterfly, Secret & Whisper, and other musical ventures that seemed destined for stardom.

Whale: The Oral History of Canadian Drumming Prodigy Ryan Loerke
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