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What makes a book a good read?

Summer is perfect for tackling your reading list. Whether you devour books from a running list or a more casual type who picks up a book from time to time, nothing beats the heat like laying in a hammock or by the pool with a great book.

But what if the unspeakable happens? What if the book you’ve chosen for this favored reading time is not what you expected? What if halfway through the book you realize that the book is just plain not for you?

Can’t stop, won’t stop?

There are studies that map the ability of a person to stop reading a book they’ve started to specific personality traits. Specifically, if you can’t put down a book, you take your books less seriously compared to a reader that evaluates the worth of the book at about halfway through. These readers make a conscious decision to continue reading the book to the end. Of course, there are also those that believe that a book is never really “finished.”

Regardless of what kind of reader you are, choosing your next book can be both exciting and overwhelming. We’ve compiled some of our favorite books on our Unique Books & Staff Picks page. We keep it updated every couple of months too, so be sure to check back often!. And there’s always’s bookstore, which is packed with hundreds of thousands of titles, including tomorrow’s next big hit!

Good Reads are more than Goodreads

Not to say that Goodreads isn’t awesome. I won’t deny that checking reviews and popularity on Goodreads before making a purchase is a habit of mine. It’s important to remember that these sites (and reviews) aren’t everything. Yes, reviews matter, and seeing a book face out on the shelves at your local bookstore is an indicator of the book’s popularity.

But if you are half way through a popular bestseller and it’s just boring you to sleep—that’s okay! Find what resonates with you and put your reading time to good work by sticking to what you love.

Happy Summer reading. We hope you have a blast.

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