Sunsetting Some Lesser Used Lulu Products

Lulu’s mission has been, and continues to be, to help our authors sell more books. Our continuing growth and success allow us to roll out ever more useful products and services! Some, like our Open Publishing APIs, that help our customers gain even more traction for their work. And offer their work in more markets around the world.

In order to add great new services we need to retire those products and services that have not proven to be as popular with our community of customers as we thought they might be when we launched them.

Specifically, this means we will no longer be offering CDs, DVDs, brochures, images, or digital files for sale on

We will phase these Lulu products out over the next few months

We still see the value in these types of content. And we appreciate our creators’ contribution of these products to the Lulu catalogue over the years. 

We will reach out to the Lulu creators who have relied on these Lulu products with advice and recommendations for their products, to minimize any inconvenience this change may cause for them or their customers.  If you have ever used one of these services, you can expect to hear from us shortly.

In our mission to provide the world’s first, and best, open-publishing platform, we are committed to empowering a new generation of creators to publish and sell their content anywhere, anytime. Through our growing network of retail distributors, open publishing APIs, and partnerships, we are building Lulu into a one-stop shop for authors, publishers, developers, and businesses alike.



25 thoughts on “Sunsetting Some Lesser Used Lulu Products”

  1. You could have donte this without taking away all my photos. I have no way to replace them. My burned up in the Bastrop Complex Fire and all I had left was what was on my lulu account. I want my photos back. You do not need to take those from my background account.

  2. No notification to those with CD products in stock? What is this? I’m finding out about this for the first time after my first CD release in 2010, today in October of 2012!
    Bad move!

    1. @James – We are sorry for the confusion. We have sent you an email with more details about your case. Thanks for bringing your case to our attention.

  3. So, where can I find a free self-publishing the CDs and DVDs? I’ve been looking on the sites and find none. I’m disappointed.

  4. Michael C Johnson

    I just heard back from Lulu support on the video in the ePub idea:
    “Thank you for contacting Lulu Services! Unfortunately are not able to publish distribute EPUBs with video at this time.”
    Are you still going to drop video?

  5. Hi AJ,
    Is there any possibility of having our CD/DVD content transferred to digital river automatically?
    I am on 256 kbps slow internet connection. I am trying to download the ISO files, and i keep timing out.
    Also is it possible to download the ISO files of our published CDs/DVDs via FTP? We need this so we can download our data without much issues as FTP supports to resume broken downloads, etc.

  6. What a shame, I’ve relied on to handle all my digital file sales for years.
    Can anyone reccomend a good alternative digital file host that isn’t complicated?

  7. Katherine Belsey

    What a bummer. This is what made Lulu different and better than the competition. It was so great that people could either buy a printed book or download a PDF file to print their own pop-up card templates. This is not something which can be converted to an ebook…I can’t understand why the media files would be discontinued, the cost for Lulu is just a small amount of server space.

    1. Katherine,
      We def. still do PDFs. Only CDs/DVDs and digital files (like single images) are affected. Publish those pop-ups!

  8. What about paperback and hardback titles. I don’t understand the conversion to ePUB.

    1. Bridget,
      Only CDs, DVDS, and digital files are affected. Paperbacks and hardbacks are still fair game.

  9. I have a CD project used for private sale only (at gigs by the musicians themselves). Does this mean I can no longer obtain this CD from anywhere after September?

    1. Arthur,
      These types of products will unfortunately no longer be offered after September, but we encourage you to try out Digital River (, they are set up to welcome previous Lulu customers for free.

  10. Heylo lulu!
    thanks for good service and excellent customer support over the years.
    we are a music record label and had been using to exclusively sell our music.
    will be sad to say bye bye to lulu now!
    also it will be very painful to migrate our almost 20 GB data from lulu to another distributor….

  11. Does this mean that any new CD projects will be rejected NOW? Or does that begin on July 19th? I have a Compact Disc I was hoping to release this month.

    1. Jeremy, the products listed on this page will be up through September 19th. You will no longer be able to make edits or revisions to them beginning July 19th, and they will no longer be listed on our site September 19th. So you still have plenty of time to get your release out this month. Thanks for creating!

  12. Michael C Johnson

    I just looked at your guidelines for creating an ePub file, AJ – and it looks incredibly complicated! I doubt your average client is going to be able to handle it. I have 20 years exp. in the computer field, and I’m not sure I can do it!

  13. And to a certain extent; “oh, crap.”
    Selling Digital content via Lulu had been a very profitable endeavour for me. So much so that I’d begun to rely on it as a major source of revenue. I honestly never thought it would be deemed “lesser used”.

  14. We definitely still see the value in these works and still want you to be able to share them with the world. We are committed to providing more and more dynamic ways to help you sell more of you content through Lulu too. So we encourage you to convert your project into a multimedia EPUB you can use to distribute your videos and audio files to folks with e-reading devices all over the world.

  15. Andrew Hickey

    Does ‘digital files’ here include ebook versions of books you have for sale on the site? If so, that seems to be a very odd decision given that ebooks are selling so well now…

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