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Top 10: Survey Says…What Matters Most

We asked 4000 of our top-selling authors about their marketing plans and what they think mattered most to their success. Here are their top 10 most important keys to finding success!

Top 10

Top 5 Keys to author success
Top 10 Keys to author success

Key Takeaways

Positioning your book and understanding your audience are key to success. Offering an attractive printed book as well as an ebook version online to generate word of mouth interest and validation via customer reviews should be your goal.

Notice too how important (#2) word of mouth ranked. This is a key means of building credibility and making sales. The more people around you talk about your book (doing the marketing for you) the easier it will be to earn new readers.

Number 5 (print quality) and number 6 (cover design) are also worth pausing on to consider. Being a dedicated print-on-demand company, quality is a major concern for everyone at Lulu. And even with an error rate of less than 1%, print mistakes will happen. Even if you sell 1,000 books, the one person who gets a poorly printed copy will likely be among the loudest. Quality—and responding to quality issues—is vital.

Likewise, cover design goes a long way toward helping your book stand out. Readers won’t see much of the actual text (a blurb, description, and preview); your cover has to sell the book. Remember how important that is for closing the sale. The cover makes the initial push to get their interest. It’s the hook. Don’t underestimate it.

What Should You Do?

  • Prepare your book in ebook and print formats
  • Get a professionally designed cover for each format of your book
  • Focus on building reader reviews and incorporate them into your book cover, book description, and website
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