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Lulu books we think you’ll love! Our Book Lists are curated by Lulu staff, factoring in the sales and popularity of these titles. We also love to feature books we’re reading because we know they’re great! So, if your to-read pile is getting a little thin, check out our amazing book lists.

Last Minute Gifts: No Wrapping Required

Grab that last minute gift, don’t worry about print-on-demand! You can use our handy gift receipt and your book will arrive shortly!

Focus On Independent Art

Focus on Independent Art

While self-publishing is known for great written works, books can mean so much more. Check out these amazing art books from the Lulu Bookstore.

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Get Fit With Lulu!

Get fit for Family Health and Fitness day this year with three amazing books from the Lulu bookstore.

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Ice Cream Dreaming at Lulu

July is national Ice Cream month! Get into the fun with these awesome Ice Cream themed books from Lulu

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