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That’s a Wrap: Green Gift-Giving

The whirlwind of the holidays can leave your bank account empty and your trash bin overflowing. Maybe there’s a better way? Of course there is! Let’s explore some green gift-giving strategies.

Did you know that Americans spend nearly $3,200,000,000 (that’s 3.2 billion!) each year on gift wrap? That is enough money to send 6,876 of your closest friends to space with Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin rocket. #casual.

Or, you can compare the dollar amount to slightly less than the combined 2017 GDPs of Seychelles and Belize.

Sadly, most of that billion-dollar wrapping paper will be trashed. We’ll throw out enough gift wrap to circle the earth 9 times this holiday season.

5 easy ways to save green and go green this gift-giving season

Reuse, Rewrap

Save gift bags, bows, wrapping paper, and gift boxes to reuse.  If every American family wrapped 3 gifts with reused materials, it would save enough paper to cover approximately 45,000 football fields.

Source Sustainably

If you must wrap your presents with brand new paper, use recyclable gift wrap. Wrappily makes gift wrap on FSC-certified newsprint with soy-based inks. Unlike most laminated wrapping papers, they can recycle theirs. In fact, they can recycle newsprint up to 7 times.

Gifts wrapped and ready for the holidays


Get creative with common household items. Newspaper, magazines, maps, pages from books, and grocery bags make fun, DIY wrapping solutions. Cut up last year’s cards to make gift tags. Add hand painted elements to make an extra Pinterest-worthy gift. 

Gift wrapped in reused paper

Go Naked

Skip the cutting, taping, and frustrated crying. Simply adorn your gift with beautiful, reusable ribbons and bows.

Gif of a Cat wearing a bow

Give a Gift in a Gift

As the great Xzibit once said, put a gift inside a gift because you know they like gifts. 

Hide presents in decorative tins, boxes, or tote bags. Tea towels, table linens, and scarves make fun wrapping, too. Learn the art of furoshiki, a Japanese fabric wrapping technique. It doesn’t get much more green for your gift-giving than this!

Green gift-giving with furoshiki wrapped presents
Furoshiki guide
Japan’s Ministry of Environment created a Furoshiki guide

Green gift-giving inspiration

Going green for your holidays and with your gift-giving is easier said than done. We all know that. Since everyone here at Lulu wants to help you be a more socially and environmentally conscious person, we’ve got even more inspiration to help you. Whether you need some inspiring stories from Team Lulu or you want to grab a book (or two) to help you stay green, we’ve got you covered.

A Year’s Worth Of Ways To Green Your Holidays

Holidays are a way to connect and share with each other, why not give green attitude!  Create meaningful new traditions that pair values and the human heart to those of appreciating our Earth’s resources. Shared in this eBook is a collection of our readers’ favorite holiday blog post. Designed for quick reading, this eBook illustrates the ease of including green and sustainability concepts into your holiday celebrations. The most important aspect of any celebration is attitude. Attitudes are contagious.  Are yours worth catching?

A Year’s Worth of Ways to Green Your Holidays

Everyday Upcycle

Whether a money minded mama or a green going guy, this book is packed with projects to turn your trash into treasures.  
Over 100 unique projects using ordinary household objects saved from the garbage or recycling bins.
Beyond turning a soup can into a pencil holder, this book offers creative and easy ideas that can be used by educators, families, daycare providers, or simply by folks looking to save some cash and still give great gifts.  Home decor items, bath and home everyday use items, and gifts are included in the book.
Make amazing works of art with just a toilet roll and some scrap fabric, or make an amazing gift with your collection of beer caps!
A portion of the proceeds go to a community creative reuse project.

Everyday Upcycle

Download and Share!

Grab our quick guide to green gift-giving to make your holiday a happier and environmentally friendly adventure!

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