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The end (of writer’s block) is near!

Ack, the dreaded writer’s block. While trying to come up with a topic for this blog post I hit the wall. Hard. Maybe it’s because I just came back from vacation and my brain is still arguing with the cold medicine I’ve been taking, but the more I thought about trying to write this post, the worse the block became. So I turned to the pros on Twitter, YOU. The advice and tips I received were very helpful and refreshing, not only because this was sound advice from other writers, but because I knew I wasn’t alone. We all go through writer’s block. 

Here are some of my favorite tweet-tips from you:

Is it really writer’s block?

@gwenmccauley “1st I make sure its writer’s block not doneness.”

Just walk away:

@tammycurry “I go play with the kids, read a book or just veg out for a bit.”

@chrbutler1) Unplug from ‘net. 2) Go 4 walk. 3) Rework outline w/pencil & paper. Outdoor reboot is guaranteed to help.”

@pacoprator “you conquer writer’s block, by retreating and walking away from the idea; relaxing, forgetting until the idea jealously runs 2u”

@tc_pete “I usually have writer’s block on a single topic. Try writing about something else.”

@JaredIsham “think of where you don’t want your characters to go…then go there.”

@Asibelhodge Switch off. Often the best ideas come when not trying to think about them or brainstorm ideas with friends.“

Read something else:

@colematson “I read some things I know will be inspiring (bloggers like @wilw & @bonniegillespie, a bit of JRR Tolkien) – gets me fired up”

@VayghMy secret for beating writer’s block: read. Sometimes someone else’s words can get yours flowing.”

Just write!

@juliov27612 “Just write. It doesn’t matter what. Don’t even worry if it fits the story at this point, you can always toss it.”

@FearCakeDon’t matter about what or how bad it is I just write. The juices will flow sooner or later as long as I write.”

@adrianalikesteaI don’t know…maybe just do some journal writing? Just write whatever’s going on, etc. just to get juices flowing…”

@AlyzabethM “when I get writers block, I try not to think about what I’m writing at all. I let my subconscious work it out and it usually does.”

@jleigh612I make myself write badly for a bit. Sounds funny, but it really does work.”

@SamBeavenI find sprints are good for breaking blocks. Choose an absurdly low word count, and write to it. Try dialogue too.”

@TravisLegge “Force yourself to sit down and write. Even if its crap you can go back and edit later.”

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Go for a walk!

@badgerpendousmost say to keep writing anyway, I take walks… Lots of walks.”

@writeranonymousGo for a walk, clear your head. Or stay at home, take a break, listen to some music (but different music than you had on before) or try writing everything that comes into your head as it comes. Just random thoughts if you have to. Even questioning the task!”

@dorifritzingerGo for a brisk walk – strong pace and breath in deep – in through the nose – out through the mouth”

Be creative:

@theletterboxparticipate in NaNoWriMo next November! That’s a way to force yourself to write!”

@puppybrailleI used beading to help conquer writers’ block because I was being creative, just without words. It unstuck the words for me.”

@grandopusask someone about their story during lunch today.”

@MikeConwayYou have to create a blueprint for your writing. Writer’s block comes from lack of direction. If you know where you’re going then you can’t help but get there. Same for writing. If you know exactly where your story’s headed, and all the stops along the way, then you can’t help but finish your story. Do the extra work first, and the writing will be easy.”

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7 thoughts on “The end (of writer’s block) is near!”

  1. Okay I hate the words writers block it the same as saying the words I’m on a diet.You know what I mean “you are on A DIET” all you can think about is FOOD.It is the same with writers block you can’t think what to write next. you are BLOCKED by those words instead of just saying, thinking that you need to walk away and think about something else.Even the word BLOCK is a wall to climb over, to push by, where the words “I’m having a break, a rest, time out.” Are peaceful and calm. So I’m having a time out to walk my dogs and when I’m ready I will write again.

  2. You should have at least one or two people who you can talk with. I have a friend I bounce ideas off of all the time, and my stories would not be what they are without her. And she tells me the same thing. She writes too. Haha, so it’s like hitting two birds with one stone deal. =)

  3. Writers Block.. I have a talent for putting words to pose and pose to design. I have just started the adventure of publishing said words. I will tell you this, there are days when I can knock out 50-60 pages of content and have them all designed and laid out in appealing levels for the masses. Then there is the weeks where i don’t have an idea as to what I am going to do next. My favorite thing is to print it all out, take up the red pen my 2nd grade teacher used, and just do a general edit and read through. You see so much when you change your hat from writer to editor. Walking away, a distraction, or entertaining other ideas is a great way to solve the problem too, but what happens to the ideas that were fresh in your mind when you do that? Where do they get shelved and forgotten about. Remember, you know you and you know your distractions. Create a mental pattern that helps you avoid the idea fatigue that causes writers block in the first place.

  4. Sometimes, you need to take a break from the subject matter. Find a new distraction such as hiking, walking or socializing with a friend. Such distractions will help to refresh your mind. You’ll be surprised how much stronger the story can become once you take a break from it. Good luck to you.

  5. I don’t have writer’s block, I just get back to it when I have the next part. Enjoy the break between, it (the story) will develop during it.

  6. Write without stppping to edit or self- correct.
    Give yourself permission to write junk to let
    the creatve process flow.

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