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Thinking Like a Tribe (Featured Author)

If you work in an office or other creative space, you’ve likely encountered the challenge of multiple teams working together. Everyone has something important and vital to contribute, but disparate teams have to work together to get to the company’s goals! That’s always been easier said than done. But today we have Em Campbell-Pretty, world-renowned business strategist and speaker.

Em Campbell-Pretty

Hailing from Australia, Campbell-Pretty runs a business consulting agency named Pretty Agile, a company that works to bring Agile methodology to corporations and businesses looking to grow. Advocating for workplaces built around communication, Campbell-Pretty’s book is a collection of blog posts and other materials with a focus on turning a set of teams into a cohesive tribe.

Learn More About Tribal Unity From Lulu’s Facebook Live:

Tribal Unity (paperback)

Are you ready to create a one team culture? Tribal Unity is a real world, practical guide for leaders committed to making their organisation a great place to work. Based in the true story of how one inspiring leader transformed a highly toxic organisational culture, into an internationally recognised case study of success.

Tribal Unity (paperback)

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