Website Enhancements to Better Serve You

You may have noticed over the past few hours the site was down while we put some big updates in place to bring you an even better self-publishing experience. 2012 will be a great year for Lulu, and it’s just starting!

So, What’s New?

  1. Easier to Use – We’ve added registration-less checkout, enhanced checkout pages, updated the homepage, and refined other content across the site to make it easier than ever for creators to understand services, and for readers to find their titles.
  2. Speed – Browsing, searching and checkout are faster than ever, making it easier for readers to purchase your works.
  3. Enhanced Store Section – ¿Hablas Español? No problemo. You can now browse the US store in Spanish. Additionally, you can now select a store that offers an online shopping experience based on your preferred language and currency.
  4. Improved Address Validation – You sent us a lot of feedback on address validation failures, so we have implemented changes to reduce the number of errors generated.

What is Coming Soon?

  • International expansion – Stay tuned for even more options for our international audience.
  • General API Availability – For our E-Commerce APIs and new Creator Revenue APIs
  • Improved Marketing Tools – Even more ways to sell your books to your readers.
  • Better Pricing – In addition to providing Lulu creators with the best revenue share in the industry, we are committed to offering you the most competitive pricing available.

What’s Going Away?

  • Saved shipping addresses – Unfortunately, these will not carry over, but if you’d like your address book, just let us know at, and we can provide a spreadsheet with the addresses in it.  You’ll need to reenter any payment information as well.
  • Any existing cart that is still open will not transfer to the new system, but you can easily add items to your new cart and checkout after the release.
  • Weekly and monthly sales reports through e-mail. This data is still available in the “My Revenue” section under your “My Lulu” tab.

We welcome your feedback and encourage you to share any other ideas you have to improve our website.



181 thoughts on “Website Enhancements to Better Serve You”

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  2. uery about global reach and extended reach. I used my own ISBN as I was encouraged to purchase ten of them when I first started here. I have a global reach package which I purchased and I am not convinced is working properly anyway. (Ticket sent in). Nor does Global Reach give people in Europe access to the book. This is a real let down as your extended reach is a free service which seems better suited to my needs – but the ISBN was not Lulu’s! Rather unfair don’t you think? In my view, global should MEAN global, not just US.

  3. Dr. Benjamin Gordon

    (1)How do I order more copies for myself at the author’s price? (2)If I have another book published as an ebook, can I also publish it as a regular book? (3) How can I contact you with a question either by phone or email?

  4. Anna Vickerman

    Hi. You very kindly placed a complimentary order for a customer who had ordered my books but not received them due to a problem with the delivery address. The replacement order was 7076276 advised on 14 April. My customer has not yet received this replacement or a shipping advice/tracking number. Can you please investigate and see what has happened?
    Many thanks

  5. Please. Please, Please change your stand on the connection between ratings and revision. The reviews I received I will never get back. There were correction in the book that were made, but this was not a rewrite. Please take a look at this. Will we ever talk on phone with a person??? I really appreciate the opportunity that I have been given through Lulu thanks!!!!!

  6. having problem ordering more than one book, want allow want to order 5 books.

    1. Morgan, Lulu

      @Emma, we apologize for the inconvenience. Our support team will be happy to help you.

  7. I have other books for 0.99 cents and I cannot add it to Lulu because it will be a different price as I have them in other stores. You do not have a real competitive 0.99 option.
    Also, as Amazon and B & Noble you should give the option for different picture formats for our eBooks. Sometimes is a rectangular picture that will not fit the ususal paperback size book, because it will not show the whole panorama you want readers to see.

  8. I’m guessing this is why all the links on my webpage went wrong and I’ve not sold any copies for a few months. It would have been nice if authors had been warned about this. We don’t all have time to read the forum everyday

  9. just a question about book sizes. I find there is a difference between lulu printing book sizes and those of ‘conventional’ publishers, in that most of them seem to be about 7 inches by 4 1/4 inches, whereas lulu seems to favour 5 inches by 8 inches for Novels. Providing a template for book sizes we can download and spread out that we can see clearly the size we want to use for a particular book ready to publish with lulu would help a great deal, or do you have tihs facility already?

  10. Dikibujiri Akinda

    Thank you for your information.I applied for
    my royalty but yet to complete the process.It could be as a result of currency changes.I still would want lulu to try.The new ideology
    is highly acceptable.

  11. Most of the problems which I reported earlier have been resolved (thanks) but like John Gilmore, I find that the ‘more’ button in my author’s spotlight doesn’t work.
    If I were LuLu, I would be getting a better IT V-P – and quickly.

  12. It is quite alarming the number of disgruntled posts on this forum. Like Jack Clarke, my sales have a stopped but maybe it is just the time of year. Frankly I do not like the new set up, it is not so hands on or user friendly as before regardless of what Lulu says.

  13. Hi Morgan,
    I’m following up on your last reply to me, in March.
    The problems with my account have still not been resolved, and I have heard from no one since a polite customer service rep named Shannon acknowledged my case and said she had forwarded it on to the relevant person.
    It’s several weeks now since I first alerted you, and then opened a case. What can we do to resolve fix these problems:
    (1) the “more” link at the bottom of my Author Spotlight blurb does not work; and
    (2) reviews are deleted, even when reposted.
    [ ref:_00D506zQ6._50050Fq1bV:ref ] Case 00694021
    Hope you can help,
    John Gilmore

    1. @John – We acknowledge that it has been a very long wait for you and we are very sorry about this. Shannon is working to get some of the issues specific to your case expedited, but we unfortunately don’t have a date that we can tell you for sure that the fixes will be in place. She will be in touch with you directly when there is a resolution. We do apologize and appreciate your patience.

  14. I find the shopping experience less enjoyable. When I press the buy button on a given book, rather than take me straight to that page, it gives me another page to see if I would be interested in several other books. I then had to enter my book title in to the search to get back on track. This is designed for Lulu and not necessarily for the authors.

  15. @Douglas Ploss – Please be on the lookout for an email from our support team. Thanks for contacting us. We do apologize for the wait.

  16. Hi, I am considering placing an order for some of my books (ID 12600122. I have a friend who lives near the UK site and would be prepared to collect them for me, thus saving on shipping costs.
    Is it possible to arrange this and if so how do I place an order without incurring shipping charges?
    Many thanks

  17. Enhanced??? It stinks. Where’d my files go??
    I can’t print books any more from certain of my titles because they are gone! I don’t even know which are the proper revisions since changes to the site. Give me a break.
    I don’t want ebooks…I want REAL books…

  18. Benedict Nnolim

    Lulu is to be congratulated for trying to update its website. Three important issues seem to have been neglected, however, in this process. First, the author’s storefront should contain, in addition to Lulu ID, cover picture and price, critical information about the book, namely title, number of pages, whether paperback or hardcover etc, and ISBN number if it applies. Secondly, Lulu and many authors are losing sales because Lulu does not sell to large African markets like Nigeria and to most of West and East Africa where Lulu published books are most needed. Thirdly, Lulu has to look again at its pricing which is quite on the high side. With competition from eBooks and several other print publishers, Lulu prices need to go down to gain and retain market share and improved profits

  19. Sylvia Chumbley

    HELP – I cannot buy my own books anymore! Everytime I click to buy my books I get a “Hmmmm – we cannot find this product…”
    I hate to let down my customers,so please test things before you alter your software. When may I expect things to work again?

  20. Hello
    Im trying to make an order from Athens zip code is 11143 and the system does not take it in..what can i do?

  21. Congratulations on the updates! Majority of my books are gone. I am unable to download and read any of them. Please Help!

  22. HELP – I cannot buy my own books anymore! Everytime I click to buy my books I get a “Hmmmm – we cannot find this product…” I have bought several 1000 over the years without this issue. It has got to be these new changes you made.
    I need my books!
    Stew Smith

  23. Your marketing hype of how you are “reaching out” to your authors is almost as bad as the service you are providing to your authors.
    Thank you for reaching out …
    You remove the authors “store front” and replace it with a totally useless “author spotlight” where you can’t sort or arrange titles. Not sure what is worse – your screwing up what worked or trying to convince the authors the changes are to serve us better.
    Thank you for reaching out …
    The sales reports suddenly stop – without notice – or without any kind of explanation – they just stop. I’m sure I’m not the only one who wondered why the sales of my books suddenly stopped.
    Thank you for reaching out ….
    Most of the links for my books no longer work. When I contacted your help desk they told me they would escalate my concern. Escalate my concern?? What kind of BS is that? How am I suppose to sell my books if the links I have setup to my books no longer work?
    Thank you for reaching out …
    I haven’t a clue what is going with your operation and obviously I’m not going to find out from your help desk or on this forum .. but please DON’T insult my intelligence or everyone else here.

    1. @Jack Clarke
      Hi Jack,
      We appreciate your thoughts and input. Absolutely, Author Spotlight has been a source of frustration to many of our authors. When we offered intense functionality that mirrored a website, this generated a different set of issues that impacted long-term sustainability for this product. Hence, Author Spotlight was provided as an alternative to give authors a place to showcase the products listed by Lulu. This does not replace the marketing functions of a website, but is more of a support mechanism to promote an author’s published body of work in a simple, sustainable way. Lulu is looking at alternatives, as well as current functionality, around Author Spotlight.
      Your sales are no longer sent via email, but are consistently available in your “My Revenue” page on Lulu once you log in.
      Our Customer Voice/Support team has recently been overwhelmed by inbound volume related to the recent marketplace updates. We are working feverishly to catch up and get back to a 24-48 hour response time to requests. Some requests can be resolved quickly, while others need attention by our Engineering staff and are fixed with scheduled maintenance. We expect to return to normal response times by next week. You should have further information on your specific case regarding search results this week.
      Thank you!

  24. Anna Vickerman

    Whilst I have every sympathy with Bernhard Michaelis, I would not be happy if the resolution to his problems was put before my own. I no longer have faith in Lulu and do not expect them to to recover from this disastrous hole they have dug themselves into. Do not ask me for case tickets, you already have them and are escalating them!
    I am now in the situation where I have to rely totally on Createspace and ship direct from the USA which takes 3 to 4 weeks. At least they don’t screw up orders and shipping addresses. Also, if there is an issue they get back to you within 24 hours with a genuine solution. And…believe it or not, direct from the USA, they are cheaper!!

    1. @anna.vickerman
      Hi Anna,
      We sincerely apologize for the recent experiences you’ve had with fulfilling orders. We did recently change our commerce platform, which was a major software update. We’re still working out the kinks and unfortunately, you’ve experienced a few of the issues directly. Some are resolved and some are still under investigation. I see that one of your recent cases was recently responded to by one of our support agents. We continue to make progress and do appreciate your patience and your business.
      As for pricing, this is also under review. As you consider other vendors, be sure to keep in mind product and print quality, which can impact pricing.
      Your comments and concerns are duly noted and we are aware of the impact to you and all our customers.
      Thank you!

  25. Apparently, your new enhancements are not without MAJOR flaws. One of my published books has disappeared from the buy list — unless one types in a search for the actual title. It even tells me that the book is not there when I use the view/buy button from my dashboard. AND both my children’s picture books are now LISTed under TEEN when I have the category on my information set for CHILDREN. Only good thing about this is there are a huge number of other authors with similar problems with the new enhancements! Everyone who is reading this should check all their information on all their books…there are MASSIVE problems with the new system!

  26. Will your expansion include Australia? It would be excellent for my customers to have cheaper shipping rates.

  27. Bernhard Michaelis

    I have ordered over 2000 of my own books yet can’t find a single one anymore to reorder. Even the books I ordered a couple of weeks ago disappeared! Looks like Lulu is completely messed up and has no clue any more how to get out of this! Your site has been deteriorating by the week! Simply unbelievable how you jeopardize your customers income and time spent on our books! shame on you!

    1. @Bernhard – Hi, we are very sorry to hear about the issue, and we apologize for the inconvenience. We very much want to help resolve this issue. Can you please fill out a case with our support team so that we can look into it and get back to you? Once you have a case, if you’d like to share the case # with me here, I am happy to escalate it to the front of the queue. Thanks, Morgan.

  28. Jason E. Knox

    This is my first time back since editing my projects a few months ago. I revised my Faith of Shadows hardcover book and have returned to purchase it however I noticed an ebook that was created that I need to delete. How can I get access to my projects to do so? When I attempt to look at my projects, someone elses stuff comes up whom I do not know. Please advise. Thanks.

  29. Just please keep my Branford Falls out there.
    Thanks (Dr. Alex Winchester) alias – Joe Wilson

  30. What I would like to see is improvements in the cover design function. What is especially frustrating is the jumping around on the page when I try to make a change in the title and author. Being able to save a cover design would be very helpful.

  31. Again, any “free shipping” or “20% off” deals? They seemed to be regular before the switch over, now nothing. ???

  32. Gregory N. Saville

    Hey folks!I am sure it is good but Please do not put the paddle in the Poets brew often.We need the time to create No?

  33. Richard Peacock

    Has anyone else’s had your product/book description window change color where the background of the window is white as well as your description of your book that is within the window? See your Author’s Spotlight page… I just noticed it yesterday. It makes it impossible to read the description of the book, without highlighting the entire window with your cursor.

  34. hi I have just tried to order a copy of my book fear no foe and after putting in my card details and comfirming order, I would get an email later saying authorisation failure. there is money in my account so I don’t know what the problem is???? Got to say with the old system I never had any problems ordering books and really can’t see why you have changed it

  35. It would be exceedingly helpful if I could speak on the phone to Lulu and get the answers to my questions. It was because it was so difficult I had to pay someone £300
    to get my book THE JOB OF A LAUGHTIME published by Lulu for me. And I am still puzzled as to why my book was published over four months ago and sill has not had its ISBN registered. ipc-Waterstones have.mailed me six times asking when the ISBN will be registered as they are very interested in stocking it. Because of
    the great reviews the book has had in 3 national magazines I would now like to go for Worldwide sales, but do not fully understand what this will cost and how I go about getting Luu to organise it. Does it also entail another long wait for the additional ISBN number to be registered? Are there any shortcuts? I am 80 now and would love to be alive when I can make back at least my outly on the book and perhaps some reward fr the hard work I put into writing t.

  36. Am I supposed to still be able to see what books I have sold? I posted a week or so ago, hoping this was just a slow change taking place and that the actual updates were not finished. I do not care so much about daily email, but I do need to see what book titles I am selling.
    My sales numbers tell me I sold copies, but my more details page does not tell me which book titles are selling.
    This change is not helpful at all.

  37. Suzanne Berton

    What about a better drop down menu in the spotlight or tabs for book categories so that shoppers can see all variations. I have over 20 books…

  38. Sieglinde DLABAL

    I am an author and have published a lot via lulu. I write in English and in German. Friends in Germany who wanted to order one of my English books say that the postage is extremely expensive – much more than the amount charged at sites like Amazon.
    Can you explain this?
    Regards and best wishes,

  39. Marianne Whitlock

    It is no longer possible for someone to buy her own book at the author’s price ($10.46 instead of $13.50). That can make a big difference if you are ordering a large bulk. When she tries, the author is getting a page that says “Oops . . . .blah blah . .” Bad bug!

  40. Hi Morgan and thank you for responding. I filled out a support request and the ticket number is 00696503.

  41. Hi Folks,
    I am on a Mac. Lulu comes up in Italian when using my Safari browser, but in English in Firefox!

  42. I say we are all at “On to your marks, get set….go!”. Fresh beginning for everyone, and fair to newcomers. But am sure everyone concurs, that the old lulu needed only a few changes; not a whole lift-off.
    Yeah, that is right.

  43. Hi Lulu,
    I know you’ve been transitioning into a new system and I hope it works well. Lately I’ve been having some issues which may be in regards to this transition, and I hope you can help resolve them.
    The first issue is in regards to missing iBookstore links on my publication pages. Are the links to the iBookstore being maintained in the changeover? I noticed they had gone missing after the site had been updated a few Saturdays ago. I don’t know if the missing iBookstore links are an esthetic choice, or if my publications are being “re-processed” in the system to permit an iBookstore link later on… I don’t know.
    I liked the iBookstore links and I hope you don’t consider doing away with them. They were a handy indicator to readers on Apple devices to know the publications were accessible on iTunes. I find that it opens up a lot of doors. I hope they come back soon, or are fixed to appear again.
    My second issue is epub distribution related, and may not necessarily be linked with the website transition. I recently published a $1 epub called “Mandala I”. My distribution manager says that this publication is available on the iBookstore and Barnes & Noble, however I have yet to see it on both of those venues. I don’t know if I can’t find them, or if they’re simply not there.
    I know it takes time for epubs to be submitted through the distribution process, but this recent episode is disconcerting to me because it may relate to the changeover and I don’t want my epub to “fall through the digital cracks”.
    Those are all the issues I’ve been having for now.
    As you can tell, I’m pretty concerned about this, and found it was perhaps necessary to let you know. I hope we can resolve these troubles quickly and help the website’s latest transition be a success.
    Thank you for reading. I hope you’re well,

    1. @Juan – Thank you for the kind and helpful response. We want to help get your questions addressed. Have you filled out a case number by any chance? If so, I can get that escalated with our customer support team to help get you a speedy response. Thanks!

  44. One more thing… I am still unclear. Did I miss a notification or something about the URL changes? Has it to do with the Lulu site changes, or the fact that my book was recently approved for GlobalReach distribution?

  45. Fiona D Stevenson

    I have attempted to order two books and been told my credit card number is not valid. It is valid for everything else – why would it not be valid in this case?
    Also, I am interested in publishing (mostly Christian fiction) but don’t know where to start. Can you help, please?

  46. I want to buy several copies of my book but the price comes up in dollars instead of sterling. I have checked my account details which says sterling. I tried to email through support but there is no section for this to come under.
    I need to purchase quickly.

    1. @j willett – We are having a customer service team member reach out to you directly. Thanks!

  47. it would be very handy if my projects list could be printed – with the price and project number included. or it is already possible to do this and I just don’t know how?

  48. It seems that the enhancements included changing the urls of the sales pages of both of my books without notifying me. Or did I miss something? I have hundreds of links to my sales pages on my personal website and on other websites that have graciously reviewed my books and linked to my site that now must be reconstructed. Most inconvenient!

  49. Patricia Rushing

    you took away the icon for sending my book information as an email, you left facebook and twitter but I need that email icon on my site very important…. please put it back up !!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Earlier in here I mentioned that a customer of mine had trouble ordering with an ipad, but then got through using a laptop computer.
    Could that have been related to the following message that lulu has posted on announcements:
    “We want to make checkout a faster experience, so we are taking your credit card info in the cart, but we will not be processing until after checkout. This means that there is a chance you could get an email after checking out telling you your payment failed. A link will be provided for you to reenter the correct information.”
    If so, I certainly hope you correct this quickly. People are worried enough about credit card fraud as it is, and certainly don’t need to be getting “follow-up” requests for info they’ve recently entered, especially from a site they’ve only visited once.
    If lulu has really designed a system that generates such a message unnecessarily, the person responsible for that design needs to be replaced, or given a job with less responsibility…seriously. Ditto even if the message is necessary.
    Get the info, process it, then finish the order. Do NOT get the info, process the order, send the customer a message requesting the same info again, then finish the order….
    (On the other hand, maybe it was just the ipad….)

  51. Also, on your summary page where you summarize the book sales for an author, it’s no longer a “summary”. One of my books is listed 3 different times. This is a definite glitch that should be fixed.

  52. Anna Vickerman

    Thanks. The only live case number I have been given is 00692229 resubmitted as 00695594 for the refused credit cards. My other issues were raised in the blog, above, no ticket numbers were issued. The USD default was one, which has been half fixed, but now when I send a link it either works perfectly or shows other authors books, but with my name in the link!! The other was a total lack of sales information even though I have been told sales have taken place! Thanks again, Anna

    1. @Anna Vickerman – thank you. These have been escalated. We will be in touch shortly.

  53. Anna Vickerman

    Hey Guys…any chance of any answers at all, ever? Get back to us and tell us we’re screwed then…at least we would know where we stand!!

    1. @Anna Vickerman – We do take each comment very seriously. I want to make sure you get a response as quickly as possible. Can you let me know your case number so that I can escalate it? Thanks 🙂

  54. Can’t seem order in Euros unless I read French, Italian, Spanish etc.
    Can’t actually order as the system does not accept my postcode (have emailed support about this. Waiting.)
    Published a new calendar and it’s not showing up on my spotlight (oh, and the ‘delete’ spotlight is too close to the ‘author spotlight’ link, too easy to delete by accident.)
    Not enjoying the enhancements so far!
    Maybe time to move to another publisher?

    1. @James Collins – Hi, James. One of our customer service team members is handling this for you and will contact you directly. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for reaching out.

  55. Hi, I sent the url lulu links from my three books to advertise them in South Africa, but for some reason,your site cannot be accessed by them. I wondered if there is a genuine problem with South African access. Is there another link I can suggest to them. I even suggested they go into and still they cannot access your site. They say the searches find nothing. Can you suggest a solution please.

    1. @Val – We have customer service representative who will be reaching out to you directly. Thanks for letting us know.

  56. Just tried to order one of books but it wouldn’t accept my information even though the money was taken out of my account. It was put back in it, but when I tried to order again 2x, it still wouldn’t process even though again the money was taken out of my account. What’s wrong with this picture?

    1. @Denise Griggs – Hi Denise, I am passing this along to our support team so that you can get some help. I do apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate you reaching out to let us know. Do you happen to have a support case already open? If so, please share your support case # with me so I can have it escalated.

  57. Since the upgrade something seems to have gone wrong with the little logo that linked to my product pages at If you look at the web page above you will see what I mean. Funnily enough three of them still seem OK. Any ideas?

    1. @John – Our support team is looking into this and will be in touch with you shortly. Thanks for reaching out here and letting us know.

  58. The non-arrival of my latest order is no doubt connected with the ‘enhancements’ to your system which have resulted in garbled addresses if you are in the UK, see my complaint 00694508.
    Disappointing given the fact that Lynda Poole pointed the problem out to you on 17th March.
    I hesitate to order again.

    1. @Peter Mole – Hi, we apologize for the inconvenience and are looking into this for you. You should hear directly from our customer support team very soon.

  59. Danielle Bruckert

    Apart from registration free purchases, it seems like another major loss.
    – New storefronts are a joke, I can’t even find my own projects on my storefront, how can anyone else, I changed to list by best sellers, now I have the least popular at the top
    – new system of downloads is terrible, took me a trip to the help page to find out where my downloads were, I could only find the article by a link and not by search
    – search is terrible, I tried to search by my books keywords, nothing.
    Is this system really more helpful to readers and authors?

  60. It would be great to be able to publish books in right to left as well. It would make things more easier than putting “This is the front cover” on the back page.

  61. I just had a customer inform me that she was unable to place an order using her ipad. She then used her laptop successfully. Just letting you know you might have a compatibility issue with the ipad.

  62. Lots of connectivity errors…can’t upload pdf files anymore and I have to log in to start a project…

  63. Although I’m a newer author/user, I miss getting the daily reports. This helps me to know how effective my marketing is working.
    And, since the change over, there haven’t been any coupons (buy 3, get 1 free or free shipping or save 20%). Will those coupons be coming back?
    Thanks for all you do!

  64. All changes are very appreciated, especially the option of not register on website.
    Maybe a serious improvement can also be made on the “author’s spotlight” bit, that honestly doesn’t have many customization options.

  65. Anna Vickerman

    Hi. I have 3 queries outstanding, now you have done your new upgrade will I be getting some answers soon?
    Many thanks Anna.

  66. My free ebooks are now only available to download to people with Lulu accounts. Why is that?

    1. @Jeffrey Side – I am passing this along to our support team. Thanks for reaching out.

  67. You need better or simpler directions for downloading pdf file. Step by step for people who are not used to terminology. Do you copy .doc file to template, then save as a pdf file? Where do you embed font? Why does my finished product have such a big margin on the top and why is the font so little? I need help and maybe others do too. I want it to look professional and will not print several copies until it does.

  68. Anthony Hulse.

    The day before the maintainance, I published another book but when I now try to purchase it, I am told that the post code is wrong. My details are still stored in my account so what is the problem? I did send an e-mail to the team but so far have heard nothing.

    1. @Anthony Hulse – We apologize for the inconvenience. Can you share your case # with me so I can get it escalated for you, so you hear back asap from our team?

  69. Thanks, Morgan! Much appreciated.
    The first problem (title search) is fixed.
    The second problem (broken link on my Author Spotlight page) is not fixed. I’ve just sent an e-mail to support, and have been given Support Ticket ID 00694021.
    Thanks for your help!
    John Gilmore
    @John – I am having our support team look into this for you. Do you already have an open case with them that I can escalate?

  70. My customers in Ireland and I can no longer buy my books in Euros and in English. They have to buy them in Pounds Sterling, or Euros in French or German etc. Ireland has been in the Eurozone since the beginning. Will there be a currency conversion loss for them?

    1. @Kieran – We have many Irish authors, so it is very important to us to take good care of you all. We are planning to launch a dedicated Irish store in Euros very soon. In the meantime, if you contact our support team, they will be able to offer you some savings. Thanks for reaching out, and we do apologize for the inconvenience.

  71. Hector Heathwood

    Hi Guys. Like some of the other posters here I’ve set my prices in Euro but when I visit my store the prices are in US Dollars. Many of my customers are likely to be Euro based and I’d prefer those prices to display to them. Or might it be possible to have a drop down menu of currencies included?
    Thanks for the great service. Hector.

  72. Greetings Tom& fellow authors! Any good change is of course a betterment to us all. Keep up the good work, it is highly appreciated!

  73. I’m happy about the changes you’ve made. Great job!
    Question: Do you, or is it possible to enclose the title and cost along with the customer’s order?

  74. I am missing the daily sales email myself, because now, all I can see is that sales are happening, but when I go into details, it doesn’t have anything new being sold. So I have no idea what’s really happening. Much more confusing on that front.

  75. I tried filling those orders again. One went through, the other balked. But when I retyped that zip code it went through the second time. So the problem appears to be your software not always recognizing a valid zip. This is a problem.

  76. Re: “One change includes sending out fewer emails to help reduce some of the clutter in your inbox. As such, we will no longer be sending out daily and/or monthly sales reports.”
    I think this is a big mistake. By all means drop the daily reports but for us, being a publishing organisation (as opposed to an individual), I forward the monthly reports to our finance department so they can consolidate those with incoming payments from PayPal.
    Saying “Go and have a look at your revenues.” is not the same thing!
    I strongly suggest and request that you leave the monthly reports as-is. It would be a highly retrogressive step to lose these.
    Many thanks,
    Steve Bell.

    1. @Stephen – We do appreciate your feedback about the change to email settings. Comments like yours help us in our product planning. Thanks for letting us know.

  77. While I am happy about the changes I am saddled with the face that I have not been able to recieve my check since November last year. I haver changed my remittance to my office address and till date I have not recieved my check. I live in Nigeria and as such cannot use paypal. I suggest you make payment processing easy by either depositing directly to accounts or using alertpay which I know is generally accepted.
    That is my 2 cents

  78. Under the ‘My Revenue’ tab it now shows all creator revenue in US dollars despite the fact my currency is set to UK pounds. If this is a bug it’s a pretty big one – why can’t you employ someone to test the website rather than rely on your users to do it for you? If it’s not a bug, how do I fix it?

  79. Since the website change, there are TWO MAJOR PROBLEMS WITH MY ACCOUNT:
    (1) My book can no longer be found using the “search” window at the top right corner of the site!
    Title ID: 10109847
    Swinging in Paradise
    When you type in the title, “Swinging in Paradise”, the search produces 11 other books, none with this title, but not mine!
    The only way you can get my book to appear is if you also type in the subtitle:
    “Swinging in Paradise: The Story of Jazz in Montreal.” But many potential customers do not know the subtitle, or won’t remember the exact wording.
    Before the website changes, my book would appear with only the main title. Please put it back that way. Otherwise, we’re both going to lose a lot of sales.
    (2) My Author Spotlight Page has “more” (in blue) at the bottom of the book blurb. But when you click on it, nothing happens. So customers can’t read the full blurb, or get
    from my author spotlight page back to the book page to read details and reviews. Please restore the link.
    As others have already mentioned, I too would like to see the option of having payments deposited directly to my bank account. I don’t want to use Paypal, and mailing cheques is costing you money and me time.

    1. @John – I am having our support team look into this for you. Do you already have an open case with them that I can escalate?

  80. Anastasia Fennell

    Thank You, Tom for all the updates. I have a question? Can you improve the money-transfer-section? I’m from Russian Federation, and unfortunately PayPal doesn’t work with Russian Banks. Basically, everything what we earn on LULU, we can spent only online! We can’t withdraw the money!!! Can you improve your revenue system and pay directly to my credit card? without Paypal?
    Thank You, hope something will be done soon.

    1. @Anastasia – thank you for the helpful feedback. We take these comments into consideration and appreciate your insights.

  81. Your new system does not process payments correctly – I have tried paying for an order, only for payment ( by an approved card, which has sufficient funds) to be rejected. I tried again with another card, and again it was rejected.
    In both cases lulu has frozen the total order amount in my account? Surely if you can authorise the money you can process the actual payment? Not happy as this was my proof order – if I can’t order properly, how can my customers?

    1. @Matt – We would like to help sort out the payment issues you’re facing. Do you have a case number that I can escalate? We do apologize for the inconvenience.

  82. Claudio Di Veroli

    I also had my four books converted into US Dollars. Yet, in my Projects, the prices are stated in Euro! And I look around but cannot find the “Preferred Store” page anywhere . . . Also, two of my four books have had their URL changed, therefore they cannot be reached from the links in webpages (mostly outside my control). A real disaster. I have just issued 3 support tickets and hope to get a solution soon.

    1. @Claudio – We are so sorry about the inconvenience. If you can share your support case #’s with me, I can get them escalated for you.

  83. Features I’d like to see: You make it so easy to publish a book to the Lulu market – I’d love to see publishing an ebook and books to other locations made easier.

  84. Why would you remove the revenue emails? I do NOT consider this junk mail. I consider this time saving as I don’t have to log into my account to check up on things. Can you make this an opt in/opt out feature instead??

  85. The next international plans include the option to sell books in spanish on apple ibooks?

  86. I just tried to fill two outstanding customer orders via the new website. Both were rejected for invalid 5-digit zipcodes. They can’t BOTH be incorrect. Do you know this problem exists?

  87. michael ba milller

    I would like the ability to arrange my books in the order I want in the store-not the way they default. My newer books get lost in all the downloadable versions when I want to highlight them….

  88. Barbara Taylor

    Glad to see the improvements 🙂 Looking forward to the fixes to the Revenue section for multiple authors. I’d much prefer going back to the old way over the current way. Or, even better, make it usable, which is it is not in its current form.
    Also, would like to be able to CHOOSE the author of a book, not have authors created for each one. Because of all the multiple listings of my name (6 of me), I had to add a description after each name to get the revenue to the right place. That descriptor shows on my author spotlight page, which is potentially very confusing to anyone who goes there.
    Thanks for all you do. After all the research I did on choosing an on-demand publisher, Lulu is still the best 🙂

  89. Like a lot of other “improvements” lately, things seem to get progressively worse. Not saving details that have been entered like address books and credit card info indicates sloppiness and a lack of care about your customers.
    The revenue pages remain broken and useless. I’ve complained about that in emails and got no satisfaction.
    Why not fix things you broke before instead of proceeding to break more things leading to the complete irrelevance of Lulu to the business of selling books?

  90. Chuck Krautblatt

    I doubt that not sending emailed sales reports is going to improve the my sale of books.
    Please, no smoke.

  91. Anna Vickerman

    Despite the problems with credit card acceptance, I have a customer who says he has bought my books successfully. I have had no notification of sales and there is no information on my account. When will I be formally notified of sales? Or is this another gremlin caused by your unsuccessful upgrade.

  92. Anna Vickerman

    I, like many, have fallen foul of your new USD default system. Your solution as copied below is unsatisfactory. If you click on the US Store to change to UK store you then have to re-enter the book/author details. Therefore sending links potential customers is impracticle as the recipient (customer) will get bored. PLEASE CHANGE IT BACK TO HOW IT USED TO BE, NOW!!
    You can change your language and currency by changing the store you are in on the Preferred Store page. To get to this page you can click on the “change store” button on the bottom left of each page. Each country store has a language and currency associated with it. Your preferred store is saved in your account and in your browser’s cookies.

    The link to my book page doesn’t work anymore. That is really a problem. I have to trace all the people who linked my book from their websites or social network profiles.
    CONVERSION $ / €
    In my project, the prices are set in euro, but they appear as US dollars, so 16,30€ are for Lulu 16,30$ – not 21,50$ (or 18$, depending on daily rates). For euro costumers now the price is 12,00€, and this is NOT MY CHOICE. The same price is on Amazon, through Lulu. Now, this makes my consistency as self-published author wearing thin, since I set the prices differently and previous costumers bought with the higher price. Even though I understand that now I HAVE to set the price in US dollars, in my dashboard it still shows Euro. And nobody informed me about the change.

    1. @Elena – I have forwarded your note to our support team. You should hear from us shortly. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thanks for reaching out to us.

  94. get this website sorted. I see someone wrote you march 17 that they found it in spanish. It is now 21st – what are you doing about this?

  95. Jeanne Grunert

    The revenue features isn’t working right now. Also, in the long drop down list which lists only my name…how about “select all” as an option? I would love to be able to search by my book titles to see which one is earning more, but having my name as the author appear a dozen times isn’t helpful.

    1. @Jeanne – Thanks for reaching out. We apologize for the inconvenience. I have forwarded your note to support, and you should hear back shortly. Thanks!

  96. Jeanne Grunert

    I would LOVE more marketing tools and more options other than the static buttons you provide.

  97. When your website went down recently the book I downloaded disappeared and I have been unable to retrieve it. Can you help?
    The book I was reading was Smoke without Fire by David Roy.

  98. May I clarify my question regarding currency and pricing and would you be so kind as to respond to it?
    If you select US Dollars in your “account” as your published currency (as I have done), your books will be priced in US dollars and then converted using a Lulu determined foreign exchange rate into pounds or Euros, is that correct?
    That means that a US dollar-priced author cannot establish a separate price in pounds or Euros (in order to compensate for the VAT, for example), is that right?
    Most other platforms, do allow for separate pricing in the foreign currency. If I am wrong in my conclusions, please correct me and accept my apologies. Otherwise, you may want to consider building in that flexibility.

  99. Terence Ted Beckett

    why o why are you now showing prices in Dollars on UK sites, sales will now nose dive, please sort it out. why change winning team ???

  100. On the previous system, clicking on the “finish your distribution assignment” in a project, brought us to a paying screen where we could apply a coupon. In the new system the coupon field exists but the coupon is rejected. Is it a bug?

  101. Can you make it easier for readers to write a review about a book instead of having to sign up. Many persons I know have been turned off by this because they do not want to have to join lulu.
    I also think this leaves many persons books not getting a review. Please,please fix this. If someone reads a book they should just be able to review it without the hassle of having to sign up when they have no interest in becoming a member.
    This would be great if you were to look into this.

  102. Same as several other people. I am in the UK and my books have always been priced in UK £s. when I buy my own books can I please have them priced back in UK £s. Thank you.

  103. Anna Vickerman

    I have had a problem reported to me where two people have attempted to buy my titles
    12529903 (The Onslaught Cycle) &
    12600122 (The Cemetery).
    Both people have had their credit cards declined with no explanation. Could this be as a result of the weekend maintenance to the website?
    I am concerned about this development as both you and I are losing money!

    1. @Anna – I have reported this to our customer support team, and you should hear back shortly. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and want to make sure we help get it resolved asap. Thanks for letting us know about it.

  104. Besides the missing star ratings (see my previous post), I see that the lulu ranking is also missing. Do you plan on restoring those, or have they been done away with in the redesign?

  105. Point was made by another Irish poster earlier, but would just like to repeat it. Is there a euro pricing option on an English language version of the site? The US and UK sites offer dollars and pounds respectively. I’m in Ireland and would like an English language version with euro pricing.

  106. Will we be able to price our books separately for each market? Right now, our home market price (for me, it is the US) determines the foreign market price based on some sort of Lulu exchange rate.

  107. Thanks for taking away the registration component, I had a possible costumer say that the registration process was why they didn’t buy my book. I’m new to this game and for me every sell counts, so I’m grateful for that alteration.

  108. Since th update I have not been able to open any books. When I go to open a book it gives a blank white screen. And will not finish downloading.

    1. Hi Shanna – Thanks for reaching out. We apologize for the inconvenience. We are having someone get in touch with you via email.

  109. I cannot see the links for the ibookstore in my author Spotlight.
    Is it possible to see the links to ibookstore and nook?

    1. @Shape Books – We apologize for this inconvenience. It is something that we are aware of and working on. Thanks for reaching out.

  110. You might want to test your language detection – I received a dispatch e-mail in French over the weekend and when I came to the site this morning it was in German, even though I’m based in the UK!

  111. I noticed the links on my web site no longer go to my spotlite store. It was easy for me to change, but you might like to add that as a heads up for folks with blogsite and web sites so they can update their sites.

  112. June Eliza James

    As usual you are making changes for the better for everyone and I appreciate that sometimes even with changes there can be hiccups, so I will tread carefully and try not to muck anything you do up!
    Thanks again for your efforts,
    Cheers jEliza

  113. Enrique Padilla

    i will be staying in mexico will i be able to get my sales report and my money share of the sales of my books?

  114. On another matter, my son, a web developer, tells me that it would be advantageous to if you would make available to Google a file of all of your books, with pricing, cover pix, etc. so that they could index it (he says for free) and then display relevant books in their “Google Shopping” results that display within the search results for certain searches.
    In my case, an example would be the search for “Phonics Workbook”. Try that search on Google and you should see a section in the search results that displays two or three items listed together under “Shopping Results for Phonics Workbook”.
    Maybe you’re already doing this, but I thought I’d mention it. I’m pleased you’re working on speeding up the site also.
    Rod Everson

  115. I am living in the Netherlands but my books are in English not Dutch that’s why I want to publish on the American site ;but now I can sell only with dollars not euros like before . So the new site is not really international ?I have to publish on the Dutch site?

    1. Hi Joy, Laurie, Jim, John, Joseph, Joe & Stephen, Peter – good questions. You can reset the language and currency of your choice. Thanks for reaching out, and we apologize for the confusion.

  116. Laurie Clayton

    Hi there,
    I know that you have just made some changes and there are bound to be some teething issues, I think this may be one of them.
    I just did a search of my recently released poetry book Encounters, using the sites search bar. This takes me to the preview page where all the prices are now in US$ not UK£.
    I have looked at my language preferences, but I’m sure my only options are English US or English US default.
    How can I fix this, please.
    Best wishes,

  117. my author spotlight shows three different pdf’s of the same book -hideous?
    yet when you search my name on over at google this book isn’t included in the catologue of my books that do show up?

  118. My spotlight page is now showing all books in US$ instead of GB£. It has always been in pounds as I live ibn the UK. Customers in the US see it in dollars but what has happened here? The UK should be in sterling.

  119. Antoine Archange Rap

    You have done a good job. It’s up to the writers to keep on creating and to the public to keep enjoying your products.
    Antoine Archange Raphael

  120. Joseph Babinsky

    Oops … it would be nice to be able to read the new and improved except that it is not in English.
    How do I get to the English version?

  121. Where is the option for having a euro price, I live in Ireland and buy a lot of books from you. Please put the Euro price option on the site.

  122. This is good that things are improving, but it looks like things may be a little screwy, with a gremlin in the works.
    When we went to the site on one of our computers, it was all in Dutch, but we are in the UK. A different computer was ok though, one where I was already logged in.

  123. Claude La Vertu

    I am absolutely “THRILLED” that you have made a registration-free purchase option. The registration requirement for buyers was a real headache. In the past I often had to purchase the book on behalf of the buyer and send it to them. This was my absolute only “beef” with you guys, and now it’s rectified. You people are spectacular! Thank You! Claude

  124. I don’t know if this has happened to everyone or not, but the overall 5-star rating on my Advanced Code Phonics Workbook has disappeared.
    I’m posting it here in case it’s happened to more than just me, and is a general problem that you should correct. If I’m the only casualty, please fix it. In addition two of the four reviewers who once gave it a five-star rating now show unrated reviews. I’d like those fixed as well. (on both the US and UK sites.)
    By the way, thank you for consolidating the UK and US reviews and placing them on both sites. That was a good move.
    Rod Everson

  125. Marius (Bestme)

    My store is just a bit mixed up – duplications. I am sure his will come right

  126. Some other creative sites allow you to view your uploaded .pdf in turning page format before you finalise the book. See Create Space for example.
    It would be a great boon for you and your clients if this could be implemented….unless I’ve missed something.
    Thanks for a great product

  127. Peter Thornton

    I live in the UK. The ‘enhanced experience’ is listing my books and billing me in USD. I hope this is a glitch, because I like to see what I’m paying for things.

  128. Without any warning your “enhancements” included deleting all the addresses in my contacts list and also my credit card details.
    Your new address format puts the house name/no after the street name – not the convention in the UK.

  129. What would be a great change is if you all started doing direct deposit into bank accounts that way those of us who don’t want PayPal can still get paid monthly instead of having to wait on a check. Other than that, the changes that I’ve looked at thus far aren’t so bad. Can’t wait to make my first purchase to see if it’s any faster…not that the old one was slow.

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