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What’s New? The Lulu Address

In 2009 Lulu moved from the Research Triangle Park into a newly renovated building on Hillsborough Street. Well, now the Lulu address is changing once again!


As a child, I remember driving by this building on our way to the North Carolina State Fair every year. We knew we were getting close to the fairgrounds when we drove past the building that had the bulldozer on the roof. Back then, the bulldozer’s treads and gear shifts were lit by neon and appeared to move. The treads going round and round; the gears shifting backward and forwards. Who knew that many (many) years later I would find myself working in this very same building?

On Thursday, October 20th, we are moving out of our home near North Carolina State University and returning to the Research Triangle Park where Lulu got its start. We have carefully planned to minimize disruptions over the next several days as we move everybody and everything to our new location.

While we are in transition October 20-27:

  • The website will be up and running
  • Email support cases will be answered by the support team
  • Chat support will be available during business hours in all English stores
  • US phone support will be unavailable, but will return October 25th

We are sad to be leaving our historical building and neighbors, but we are excited about our new Lulu address and the new things we have in store for Lulu authors. Stay tuned.


4 thoughts on “What’s New? The Lulu Address”

  1. Derek R. Foster

    Dear Mr.O´Connor, Just read your book about Digby Brand. His son Jimmy and I were on very friendly terms when I was living in Patagonia.
    I am now in contact with his son Diego.
    I would very much advise reading my blog “Argentine Foster family story” which includes my living in different parts of Argentina and Patagonia during the 1960´s. It includes Jimmy´s kind friendship. This blog has received near 8000 visits including contact with cousins in Scotland and Paris together with the family trees of the Fosters/Stevensons and Lamonts.
    Would appreciate your comments, thank you,
    kind regards Derek

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