Which Distribution Channels are Right for You?

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Lulu offers so many great options for getting your book out in the world, how do you know which ones are right for you?

With both print and eBook distribution, you have the option of selling on Lulu only or through one of Lulu’s retail partners. It is important to note that our partners do have certain requirements for distribution. If your book does not meet these requirements, you can still sell it on the Lulu Marketplace. Selling on Lulu is a great option if you have a specialized market that you can send right to Lulu.  Lulu-only distribution is perfect for projects like school fundraisers, church cookbooks, family genealogies, etc.  Lulu only distribution also works if you’re just starting out and getting a feel for how to market and sell your book.

Print books can also be sold through GlobalREACH, a free service from Lulu.

Through our eBook distribution channels, you can distribute to Lulu, the iBookstore (SM), and Barnes and Noble’s NOOK.  Both of these channels are excellent places for your eBook to be seen – and read! Learn more by visiting our eBook landing page.

2 thoughts on “Which Distribution Channels are Right for You?”

  1. Dubstep Clothing

    I’m considering writing my first book and distribution is a major concern. I’m wondering if I can start out with LuLu distribution then progress up to something like Amazon?

  2. If you’re not on Amazon, you may as well not exist so you really have to go for GlobalREACH. As you say, it’s well worth it though.

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