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8 Add-ons Every Writer Needs For Google Docs

Google Docs add-ons allow you to customize your writing. These are the best ones we’ve found to help you write, edit, and design you files.

Book Templates By Lulu

What is a book template and why should you use one? We’ve got you covered with access to Lulu’s library of templates and this breakdown of how to use them!

5 Reasons To Write Your Book Now

Write your book now; if you have a story to tell you can take the time you have today to bring it to life. These reasons to write will help motivate you.

7 Online Writing Communities For Authors

Authors need writing communities; for making their book the best it can be and to connect with other amazing writers just like you.

Making Criticism Work For You

Criticism is pervasive and unavoidable in literature. Prepare yourself for critics and learn constructive ways to utilize criticism.

How to Refine Your Raw Writing Talent

Talent is hard to quantify, but with practice we can grow our writing skills and refine the raw talent we’re gifted to great amazing works.

ProWritingAid: Automation For Authors

Automate your spelling and grammar corrections with ProWritingAid, a premium, browser based editor to help your write better!

Lulu Cookbooks: The Perfect Recipe [Video]

Custom made cookbooks are handy, fun, and make amazing gifts! Thanks to Lulu’s easy to use guide and template (including video) you too can make a cookbook!

Fanfiction: What is it and Why Should You Care?

Fanfiction is a powerful way to engage and interact with the stories you love. Learn more about what it is, when it’s legal, and the forms fanfic can take.

How to Create a Comic Book

Learn how to create a Comic Book or Graphic Novel from an author’s perspective.

From Author to Publisher

What’s the difference between and author and a publisher? Less than you’d think thanks to print-on-demand. Learn more.

5 tips For young writers

Are you a young writer? We share our 5 top tips to help you with your writing

Write! Writing Simplified [Product Review]

Sick of MS Word? Not a fan of Libre Office? Maybe just looking for a distraction free way to write? Then look no further than Write! App

NaNoWriMo: Thirty Days to a complete book

Nanowrimo is a great exercise for authors to push their limits and get the barebones elements of their story down on paper (or screen).

Short Fiction: Writing to Grow

Practice your craft and hone your skills by writing short fiction! It’s a tried and true way to keep being creative and expanding abilities.

5 Tips for Editing your Manuscript

Every writer should work with a professional editor. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your own round of editing too! Learn editing best practices.

The 6 DIY Cover Tips You Need for Your Book

If you’re making your a book cover, you need these 6 DIY tips to make sure your design is professional, reflects your content, and helps sell your book.

Using imitation to learn writing skills

Guest post from freelance blogger Kira Carr about the benefits of physically copying writers existing work to practice and hone your skills.

Overcoming Adversity with Lynette Greenfield

How do you juggle being an author and self-promoter, while traveling for book signings, raising four children, running a cake business, and homeschooling?

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