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6 Writing Habits To Write More

The best way to write more is to form a daily writing habit. These 6 habits are the perfect way to build up your daily writing.

Libre Office: Open Source Word Processing

Libre Office is the premier, open source tool for Microsoft Office replacement. Perfect for writing and creating a print ready file.

Writing And Plotting With Scrivener

Scrivener is a powerful writing and drafting tool. Built to organize all your notes for quick access, Scrivener is perfect for writers.

Microsoft Word: A Closer Look

Microsoft Word is the premiere tool for writers, dating back to the 1980s! And it’s still a powerful tool for writers, but not without it’s limitations.

The To Do List: Productivity For Authors

Creating a to do list is a great way to avoid distraction, stay focused, and get your writing done! Also includes my top productivity app recommendations.

How To Write…

From pen and paper to a laptop computer and everything in between, there has never been so many tools available

7 Nonfiction Writing Tips

Nonfiction writing isn’t dry, boring, or academic. These tips wil help you make your nonfiction writing vivid and relatable to your readers.

How To Write A Great Book Title

How do you grab a reader’s attention? With a captivating book title! Your book title will be one of the most important parts of your marketing plan.

8 Add-ons Every Writer Needs For Google Docs

Google Docs add-ons allow you to customize your writing. These are the best ones we’ve found to help you write, edit, and design you files.

Book Templates By Lulu

What is a book template and why should you use one? We’ve got you covered with access to Lulu’s library of templates and this breakdown of how to use them!

5 Reasons To Write Your Book Now

Write your book now; if you have a story to tell you can take the time you have today to bring it to life. These reasons to write will help motivate you.

7 Online Writing Communities For Authors

Authors need writing communities; for making their book the best it can be and to connect with other amazing writers just like you.

Making Criticism Work For You

Criticism is pervasive and unavoidable in literature. Prepare yourself for critics and learn constructive ways to utilize criticism.

How to Refine Your Raw Writing Talent

Talent is hard to quantify, but with practice we can grow our writing skills and refine the raw talent we’re gifted to great amazing works.

ProWritingAid: Automation For Authors

Automate your spelling and grammar corrections with ProWritingAid, a premium, browser based editor to help your write better!

Lulu Cookbooks: The Perfect Recipe [Video]

Custom made cookbooks are handy, fun, and make amazing gifts! Thanks to Lulu’s easy to use guide and template (including video) you too can make a cookbook!

Fanfiction: What is it and Why Should You Care?

Fanfiction is a powerful way to engage and interact with the stories you love. Learn more about what it is, when it’s legal, and the forms fanfic can take.

How to Create a Comic Book

Learn how to create a Comic Book or Graphic Novel from an author’s perspective.

From Author to Publisher

What’s the difference between and author and a publisher? Less than you’d think thanks to print-on-demand. Learn more.

3 Writing Tools to Ease Your Author Woes

Today we host Dave Chesson, a self-proclaimed digital marketing nut, with 3 writing tools to help make your experience better and easier.

5 tips For young writers

Are you a young writer? We share our 5 top tips to help you with your writing

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