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Calendar Creation Made Easier Than Ever

With Lulu’s print-on-demand, you can create a calendar with ease. I’ll walk through it today, but it’s so easy now, that you don’t even need instructions! Because making a calendar shouldn’t be hard, right?

Creating A Calendar

Our calendars use 100# paper and Premium Color ink. The binding is a ‘wire-o’ wound through the top of the page, with a hole pre-punched 0.25 in from the top. 

You’ve got two options for creating your calendar. The simplest method is to gather images for each month (and the front cover) and upload them. Or you can download one of our templates and use InDesign or your favorite design software to create a calendar that is totally unique to you.

Make a Custom Calendar

Your best memories deserve more than just
gathering digital dust in your phone.

Make a Custom Calendar

Your best memories deserve more than just gathering digital dust in your phone.

Getting Started

If you’re building your own calendar and just want to print it, go to our Calendars page to grab one of our templates to get the specifications and size right.

Then sign in to your Lulu account and create a new project. Select our Calendar Product and give your project a name, and select the language and category. If you plan to sell your calendar, it’s important to find the right category. Shoppers will be able to sort by ‘calendar’ so the category you pick will be key in helping them find your work!

If you’re selling your calendar on the Lulu Bookstore, you’ll need to complete all the steps for copyright, details for your calendar, and assigning a payee. But today, I’m going to skip that and get right to the design options.

On the Design step, you’ll see the option to Create a Calendar or Upload a Calendar. 

Create A Calendar

This is the option that makes calendars easy to create. You’ll start by selecting 12 or 18 months and the start date.

Calendar creator settings

Next, you’ll add some events. These can be standard national holidays or custom days (like birthdays) just for your calendar. To make that easy, you can download events from your favorite calendar tool (like Outlook, Google Calendar, or iCalendar) and upload them here as an ICS file. 

Once you have the events ready for your calendar, upload your images for the front and back cover, as well as one image for each month.

Upload all your images and select from one of our four themes to complete your calendar.

Selecting a Theme

And that’s it! Hit that ‘Create Calendar’ button and you’ll be ready to preview the calendar and finalize any details before publishing!

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Lulu Direct Holiday
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Upload a Calendar

Your other option is to upload a calendar you designed, using our templates to get the page size and month grid set correctly. 

We offer preformatted templates for 12 and 18-month calendars you can use with your favorite design program to make an original calendar. Just select the option to upload your calendar, download the template, and design your calendar.

Upload a PDF to create a calendar

This option is perfect if you want to create a custom grid or add unique elements to your design. Just be sure to respect the specifications and bleed/safety areas so none of your content is trimmed or misaligned when we print your calendar.

Preview Your Calendar

Once you’re done using either method to create your calendar, you can use our preview tool to make certain your calendar is ready to print. 

Calendar Creator preview

The preview is terrific for catching errors, but I cannot stress enough how important it is to order a printed copy to review too. If you’re planning to sell your calendar, this is even more important. You wouldn’t want customers buying an item you’ve never seen yourself! 

Picture Perfect Calendars

If you’re getting excited to build your calendar, let me help you take the hardest step; preparing your images.

You’ll need to bring some images. For a 12-month calendar, you need 14 total: 12 for the months and 2 for the front/back cover. I recommend getting your images together, resizing them, and checking resolution before you create your calendar on Lulu.

Image Specifications

The image frame is 11.25″ wide x 8.75″ high (with the bleed included). That equals 3375 x 2625 pixels. To ensure high-quality printing, your image’s resolution needs to be between 300 and 600 pixels per inch (PPI). The minimum size for your image is 1688 x 1313 pixels, so be sure your images are at least that size.

Review our Image FAQ on the Lulu Help Center for more detailed information and answers to common questions regarding images.

Make a Custom Calendar

Your best memories deserve more than just
gathering digital dust in your phone.

Make a Custom Calendar

Your best memories deserve more than just gathering digital dust in your phone.

Fall Is Calendar Time

With the holidays fast approaching, now is the perfect time to create a calendar for next year. They make amazing gifts for friends and family. Or you could fill a calendar with your own art to sell alongside your other books this year. 

Get Started

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publish your book for readers all over the world.

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