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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC – Feb 7, 2022 – Earlier this week, pioneers in self-publishing,, celebrated a milestone that many tech startups and Internet businesses fail to achieve: 20 years of growth and industry leading innovation. 

“In modern vernacular, Lulu would be a ‘Gen Z’ right now,” said Lulu founder, Bob Young. “And I think it’s important to bring that youthful energy to everything we create. No cap.”

To ensure that youthful energy is felt throughout the year, Lulu has tapped their resident youth culture appropriator and VP of Marketing, Matt Briel, to keep the company up to date on emerging trends and technologies.

When asked to comment on this story, Briel responded, “DM me.”

When DM’d to comment on this story, Briel responded, “Lulu is 🔥. They’ve kept it 💯 since I started and so many dope creators have been able to make 📚—which are like websites but you can carry them around—and make 💰. And that is on fleek ❤️.”

“Word,” added Bob Young.

Since 2002, Lulu has been slaying the self-publishing sector with industry leading print-on-demand technology and innovative direct-to-consumer ecommerce solutions. However, the true milestone is the 2.1 million authors that have brought their projects, dreams, and ideas to fruition through Lulu’s platform. 

“Our technology and platform are on point,” continued Young, “but without people who are willing to share their stories in an effort to make the world a better place, all of that means nothing, fam.”

Over the last 20 years, Lulu has seen projects published through their platform become best-sellers, podcasts, live shows, launch businesses, and preserve legacies. In recognition of the incredible creatives, authors, and entrepreneurs that have made Lulu what it is today, Lulu will celebrate their 20th anniversary the week of 2/7-2/11. Follow Lulu’s 20th-anniversary drip @luludotcom on social media or visit

Chelsea B - Public Relations Manager

Chelsea Bennett is the Brand Engagement Manager for and is constantly researching and developing new resources for independently published authors. Her areas of expertise include self-publishing, Print-on-Demand technology, building an author brand, direct sales and marketing for authors and entrepreneurs. When not thinking about publishing, Chelsea can be found playing disc golf with her husband or having in-depth conversations about the universe with her cat, Batman.

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I discovered Lulu in 2011, and was amazed at the professional quality of their printed books. It has not been so friendly since 2020, when the cover wizzard disappeared. I miss the forum.

you have been my literary outlet over the years…a bookstore of my work on a desktop that the world could access…good work (I still remember my first wrap around cover for a novel that one of your advisors helped me with)…(I did lose some landscape books when you changed formats but the source files were still there). Keep going – and thank you…Rainer

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