Lulu Forks Out Over $100M To Authors

RALEIGH, NC – May 22, 2019 – Lulu, the pioneers of online self-publishing, added another epic milestone to their growing list by announcing today that they have surpassed the $100,000,000 mark in revenue paid out to the authors and creators that use their platform.

Haters were quick to speculate that this was simply a miscalculation on Lulu’s part, amazed that a company would be happy about paying out over $100M to its users. Some even scoffed at the idea that people actually still pay for books these days.

Lulu’s VP of Finance, Don Cvetko, was quick to respond with the hard facts that back their claim by announcing that as of May 2019, the exceptional individuals that use their platform have indeed earned over $100,000,000 (yup, that’s One Hundred Million) in author revenue through the store and other retailers as part of their free global distribution.

“When I first came to this calculation, I thought my abacus was broken,” said Cvetko. “Just try counting to 100 million. I dare you. It’s a crazy high number.”

After publishing over 1.1 million projects since 2002, Lulu has had the pleasure of seeing countless authors and entrepreneurs alike find financial success by independently publishing their work.

Attempting to put the enormity of this event into context, Lulu’s VP of Marketing, Matt Briel, commented, “Holy sh*t.”

Briel went on to add, “These people are insanely good at marketing themselves and making money. This is the most exciting milestone we’ve hit in a while and is directly reflective of why Lulu was founded in the first place!”

When asked what they would do with their earnings, users unanimously responded, “I thought I asked you to take me off this mailing list.”

The excitement is palpable at the Lulu offices this week as they try to wrap their heads around how lucky they are to support so many extraordinary people. Cupcakes and high-fives will be shared by all.

Since 2002, Lulu has powered the knowledge-sharing economy by enabling creators in more than 225 countries and territories to publish over 2 million books. Lulu’s industry-leading tools and global network of print facilities provide creators with the resources to succeed on their terms.