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Lulu books we think you’ll love! Our Book Lists are curated by Lulu staff, factoring in the sales and popularity of these titles. We also love to feature books we’re reading because we know they’re great! So, if your to-read pile is getting a little thin, check out our amazing book lists.

Reading Reflections from Chelsea at Lulu

Reading reflections from 2019

Get pumped up for the new year and the new decade with Chelsea’s list of must read (or listen too) motivational and inspirational books for the new year.

Cookbook Blog Graphic Header

Lulu Cookbooks: The Perfect Recipe [Video]

Custom made cookbooks are handy, fun, and make amazing gifts! Thanks to Lulu’s easy to use guide and template (including video) you too can make a cookbook!

Ethical Holiday Gift Guide Blog Graphic Header

Lulu’s Ethical Holiday Gift Guide

This holiday season give a gift that does good. Check out some of Lulu’s favorite ethical and sustainable shops for everyone on your list.

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