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Unique Holiday Gift Ideas

The holidays are approaching. Are you struggling to come up with gift ideas for your friends and family? Skip the tie & cufflink set. Create a unique gift in less time than it takes to make a mall haul!

In his latest New Yorker essay, Understanding Owls: What does a gift say about the giver? humorist and fellow Raleigh-native David Sedaris reflects on the friend and family imposed owl collection that gets bigger each year.

Does there come a day in every man’s life when he looks around and says to himself, ‘I’ve got to weed out some of these owls’?… Just when you think you’re making progress, you remember the owl tobacco tin, and the owl tea cozy. Then there are the plates, the coasters, the Christmas ornaments. This is what happens when you tell people you like something.

Gift Ideas They Will Love

So how can you ensure that you get a gift that your loved ones will really appreciate? We realize we’re biased, but we recommend avoiding the last-minute, pre-wrapped, hand-cranked flashlight-radio-tire pressure gauge. Instead, go the sentimental route and create a unique, personalized, and meaningful gift this year; a gift that really says I care about you.

In half the time you take to find a parking space, create a unique gift they’ll cherish forever—a personalized calendar or photo book. Through Nov. 27 our special holiday deal means creating one has never been more enticing.

Rather than wrapping up the umpteenth necktie in the tis-the-seasons-series for grandpa this year, create a photo book featuring all the ties you’ve gotten gramps throughout the years with corresponding photos of you and him. He may not have something to begrudgingly wear when you come to visit, but at least he’ll enjoy a genuine smile every time he reaches for that book.

Got kids? Then you’ve got photos. Pictures have a special power to make fellow family members happy. Need gifts for your kids’ coaches and teachers? What about a way to remember your latest family reunion or family vacation? The list of possibilities is endless when you bring your imagination to the project.

Happy Holidays and cheers to cherishing back the memories.

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  1. Thank you for sharing to us.This is the perfect holiday gift idea! I would like to join your blog anyway so please continue sharing with us.

  2. Some really great ideas and I love the idea about the photo book.
    It’s my dads birthday coming up soon and I might give it ago.

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