Distribution means selling your self-published book through online retailers like Amazon and Ingram, as well as on the Lulu Bookstore. Here we have content to help you find success through selling your books to a larger audience.

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EPUB Made Even Easier

Making an EPUB with Lulu’s ebook converter has never been easier! Follow our guide and upload your DOCX to create an amazing EPUB for sale and distribution.

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Understanding API: Lulu Book Printing

Understanding how API technology works is a tall order. We’re breaking it down so you can better see how Lulu makes print-on-demand works.

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From Author to Publisher

What’s the difference between and author and a publisher? Less than you’d think thanks to print-on-demand. Learn more.

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What the Hell is Metadata?

Metadata. Information about your book’s information. Confused? Don’t worry, we’ve got the down low on your book’s metadata.

Making Ebook Metadata Match

Preparing and making certain your ebook’s metadata matches exactly is critical if you plan to sell your ebook online.

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