Understanding API: Part 1

Understanding how API technology works is a tall order. We’re breaking it down so you can better see how Lulu makes print-on-demand works.

6 Step Publisher Quick Start Guide

There’s a very thin line between a self-published author and a publisher. With the Lulu xPress App and Shopify, that line is even thinner.

Featured Authors for January 2019

Unique Cookbooks for the new year

Start the new year off right with these amazing cookbooks for your new year’s eating resolutions. Or maybe just for some good eats!

Lulu Webinar: Video and Q&A

Did you miss our first webinar of 2019? No worries! Here’s the video for ‘From Author to Publisher’ along with the best of our Questions and Answers.

Personalization and Customization in Print

Personalized and custom-made goods are easier to buy and sell thanks to ecommerce. Learn more about how personalization can help you sell more books.

Print-on-demand for Publishers

From Author to Publisher

What’s the difference between and author and a publisher? Less than you’d think thanks to print-on-demand. Learn more.

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