No need to print and store more books than you need. With Print-on-demand, you save money and paper by printing exactly as many books as you need.

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Direct-to-Consumer Bookselling

Selling your book direct to consumers – your readers – is the best way to earn more money while building your author brand.

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6 Author Website Tips for Success

Don’t let your readers get lost searching for your online, create a stunning author website to grow your business and your brand.

What is Print-on-Demand? Learn more from the experts at Lulu

What is Print-on-Demand?

What is print-on-demand order fulfillment & why is it great for business? Learn how print-on-demand books are a low-risk, high-reward way to grow a business.

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What’s New At Lulu? Literally, Everything

Find our what’s new at Lulu after our enormous and comprehensive site update! Our site features an all new publishing process and free resources.

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Word To PDF Conversion Guide

Word To PDF Conversion Guide – Export print-ready PDFs with Lulu’s quick guide to export from Word to PDF for printable book files.

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What to Expect From Lulu in 2020

2020 is going to be a huge year for Lulu and you! Why? Because this year Lulu is bringing to our authors and publishers long awaited improvements.

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2019: The Year In Review

2019 has been a great year for authors; which means it’s been a great year for Lulu too! Take a look back with us at some of the best moments of 2019.

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How to Make a print-ready PDF

Print your book perfectly when you create a PDF your print-ready to the specifications your self-publisher requires.

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Understanding API: Lulu Book Printing

Understanding how API technology works is a tall order. We’re breaking it down so you can better see how Lulu makes print-on-demand works.

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6 Step Quick Start Publisher Guide

There’s a very thin line between an author and a publisher. With the Lulu Direct app for Shopify and this publisher guide, you can be both!

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Yearbooks: A Print-On-Demand Primer

Yearbooks are a tradition. But paying too much for them doesn’t have to be. Learn more about how Print-on-Demand Yearbooks can save money.

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Personalized Books: Customization in Print

Personalized and custom-made goods are easier to buy and sell thanks to ecommerce. Learn more about how personalization can help you sell more books.

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Looking Ahead: Lulu in 2019

Here’s a quick look at what we have in store for 2019. Includes more publishing and printing technology, plus the best guides and advice for you.

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The anatomy of the explosive YA Genre

Pinpointing why YA fiction has become so popular is no simple task, but there are a number of factors contributing to the growth of the YA genre.

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Taking Control With The Lulu Direct App

Lulu’s newest addition to your self-publishing arsenal is the Lulu Direct App for Shopify, a fully integrated ecommerce experience.

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Who Uses Lulu?

Who does use Lulu? What a strange question. Authors, of course. But they aren’t the only ones.